Douglas Cullen

Melon Water Agua de Melon or “melon water” is one of the many delicious aguas frescas served throughout Mexico. It’s a simple blend of ripe cantaloupe, or the melon of your choice, water, and sugar served chilled. Aguas frescas are delicious, healthier alternatives to sodas. How to Make Start by gathering your ingredients: 1 quart water [...]

Bread of the Dead: Recipe + History When the scent of orange blossom floods her kitchen, Chef Elizabeth Pérez Camarena knows the Day of the Dead—or “Día de Muertos”—is near. The citrus-infused essence, also known as “azahar” in Spanish, is said to bring back sweet memories of loved ones passed on and is a signature [...]

Mexican Mango Smoothie Think of the Mangonada as a Mexican mango smoothie prepared with fresh-cut mango and spiced up with chamoy chili sauce and Tajín chili powder. The name mangonada roughly translates as mango–ade. In Spanish, the suffix ada is used like we use the suffix ade for lemon-ade and lime-ade. It’s delish! What to [...]

Mexican Beer Cocktail There are many variations of the michelada, a Mexican beer cocktail. I prepare the classic old-school version with Carta Blanca beer which I first tried in Monterrey, N.L. in the early 90’s. A warm weather drink that is cold, crisp, salty, savory, with a citrus finish. The savory flavors come from from [...]

Ensalada de Aguacate In Mexico, we eat avocado with everything, including our salads. Enjoy this Mexican style avocado salad recipe prepared with cubed mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and red onion. It is lightly dressed with lime juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. A delicious summer salad that is quick and easy to prepare. A [...]

Cotija de la Paz, Michoacán Many Mexican recipes call for the use of cotija cheese (queso cotija) and you might be wondering, “what is cotija cheese?” Cotija is a salty, cheese prepared with cow’s milk which is used as a seasoning similar to the way you use parmesan in a dish. You sprinkle it on [...]

Fajitas de Pollo Looking for a family-friendly chicken dish that you can have on the table quickly? Chicken fajitas are the answer. Follow a few easy steps and you will have prepared a restaurant-quality meal in about 30 minutes. Fun Fact Did you know that the direct translation of fajitas is “little strips”? The name [...]

A Recipe Filled with Memories Andrés our photographer used to eat these hard-boiled egg and rice tacos during recess when he was in middle school in Cuernavaca, Morelos. They are prepared with Mexican rice, chunks of hard-boiled egg, and topped with a sharp uncooked homemade salsa verde. Students would buy them from a woman who [...]

Sazonador para Fajitas Homemade fajita seasoning is easy to make and you can adapt the flavor profile to your exact tastes. Mild fruity guajillo peppers form the base, paprika adds smokiness, cumin adds warmth, and arból peppers add as much heat as you would like. Use It On We like to use this seasoning mix [...]

A Mexican After-Dinner Coffee Drink A Carajillo is an easy to prepare Mexican cocktail served as an after-dinner digestif or as a dessert course. Espresso and Licor 43, a sweet Spanish liqueur are served over ice to get a nice layered effect. A carajillo is a perfect drink to serve on a slow, relaxing, warm [...]

Corn Truffle Filled Quesadillas You may know of huitlacoche the mysterious Mexican corn mushroom also called corn truffle but aren’t quite sure what to do with it. We recommend these quesadillas filled with sautéed onions, tomatoes, and huitlacoche. First, What is Huitlacoche? Huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on ears of corn and is a [...]

Mexican Rice Pudding One of our favorite Mexican desserts is arroz con leche, a Mexican style rice pudding. From a simple list of ingredients; rice, milk, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, you create a rich dessert great than the sum of its parts. It’s delicious served warm or cold. Our photographer Andrés shares his [...]