Mexican Chocolate Skulls

Calaveras de Chocolate

Organic Stone-Ground Chocolate from Chiapas

Our friends at Hernán Mexican Food have Artisanal Chocolate Skulls to prepare Mexican Style Hot Chocolate. Perfect to celebrate Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead on Nov. 2. In Mexico on Día de los Muertos, it is traditional to prepare the foods loved by family members who have passed as a way to share and celebrate with them.

Hernán’s chocolate is presented in artisan hand-woven, brightly colored palm leaf baskets and is made of stone-ground organic cocoa beans from a bio-diversified plantation in the Mayan region harvested and produced in the state of Chiapas where they continue the Mayan tradition of cultivating cocoa in harmony with the environment. You can get it here. It’s delicious!

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Our Guide to Prepare Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you have never prepared Mexican Hot Chocolate you can follow our guide to prepare a perfect cup.

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Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipes

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