SABOR! Magazine Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 Issue is Out

The latest issue of SABOR! This is Mexican Food, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the exploration of Mexico’s gastronomic heritage and traditions is available now. It is a labor of love produced by our friend Rocio Carvajal from Pass the Chipotle. This is one of the best publications about Mexican cuisine you will find.

SABOR! Summer 2017

The Passion Behind the Magazine

Through my work, I want to change the way the world thinks about Mexican food, its culinary traditions, cooking, and eating.” Rocio Carvajal

Find out more about the magazine here.

In this issue:

  • WHEN MONEY GREW IN TREES Cocoa as currency in ancient Mexico.
  • MOLE The wonderful taste of cultural resistance.
Sabor! Magazine
  • CHOCOLATE RITUALS In ancient Mexico
  • AZTEC Chocolate
  • HEAVENLY SINS  The religious controversies of chocolate drinking in colonial Mexico.
SABOR! This is Mexican Food
  • CHOCOLATE CALIENTE Hot drinking chocolate. Recipe
SABOR! Magazine Summer 2017

A Must Read

We encourage you to enjoy the incredible work behind the magazine. 

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  • Monica Mendez

    Hi!!! I really like Sabor Magazine and would love my favorite Tik Tok Mexican food Chef> She is so incredibly down to earth and has such a beautiful cheery attitude. I’ve made a lot of her recipes for my family and they were hits! I think she would be a great story to write about! Her Name is Jenny Martinez. Her tik tok is @jennymartinezz. Shes such a positive influence n my life. Thank You

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