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A Mother’s love Diana Silva a San Diego-based home chef has written a tender story, Molé Mama – A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss, in which you’ll feel the love between Diana and her beloved mother, Rose, and swear that you smell Sonora enchiladas, Spanish rice, mole, and other delicious Mexican food simmering in [...]

By Rocio Carvajal Food history writer, cook and author There is a very robust compendium of works studying the life and impact of male religious figures in Colonial Mexico, many of such friars and monks took part in the political life of the country by using the church’s power and structure to create a political [...]

By Rocio Carvajal Food history writer, cook and author With a certain degree of confidence, I can say that two of the most popular and internationally recognised Mexican drinks are tequila and mezcal, their role in the cultural construct about Mexican gastronomy has been key to the idea that fiery Mexican food must always be [...]

Why we love Mexican builder’s lunches (And You Should, Too!) By Rocio Carvajal The all pleasant feeling of coming home and relaxing can certainly be too easily taken for granted, do we remember when we had no home to call our own? For those lucky to have built their own house, how often do you [...]

Celebrating Mexico’s Street Food PUBLISHER: ROCIO CARVAJAL, FOOD RESEARCHER, COOK, AND AUTHOR. Join me on a delicious journey exploring Mexico’s the fascinating gastronomy, its origins, recipes, and traditions. Celebrate The Nation’s Rich and Ethnically Diverse Cooking Traditions Day or night, the busy streets of Mexico’s towns and cities are constantly buzzing with music, people, and [...]

The Summer 2017 Issue is Out The latest issue of SABOR! This is Mexican Food, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the exploration of Mexico’s gastronomic heritage and traditions is available now. It is a labor of love produced by our friend Rocio Carvajal from Pass the Chipotle. This is one of the best publications about Mexican [...]

Exploring Mexico’s Delicious Gastronomic Heritage and Traditions By Rocio Carvajal, food researcher, cook, and author. I believe there’s no better way to explore a culture than through its gastronomic history, the stories behind traditional food are the stories of the people who created and transmitted them. Food brings people together because historically it represents the care [...]

Pass the Chipotle: The Show that Takes You to Discover the Edible Treasures of Mexico By Rocio Carvajal, food researcher, cook, and author. My passion for using the power of storytelling to build bridges of dialogue and understanding has been a constant through my involvement in cultural projects related to the tangible and intangible heritage [...]

A Book of Love You would assume a book titled the Tacos of Texas is about tacos, and it is, but it’s really a book of love; love for family, love for one’s culture, love for one’s traditions, love for the State of Texas and love for the infinitely variable and satisfying taco. 440 pages [...]

Fall in Love with the Food of Mexico We want to share with you some of the best authentic Mexican food blogs which we think express the depth and diversity of Mexican cuisine. All are written by authors who fell in love with the food of Mexico. Some are written by professional chefs and some are [...]