Mauricio’s for Shrimp

Eat Seafood Like a Local in Puerto Vallarta

Seafood restaurants are abundant in every beach town in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is no exception. A popular spot for shrimp and seafood is Mauricio’s Restaurant located on the highway to Ixtapa. We have eaten there for years. It is a family-style restaurant that offers a great meal for a great price. This is how locals like to eat seafood.

Shrimp Platter at Mauricio's
The #3 Combo

We always order the shrimp but Mauricio’s also prepares fish very well.

The #3 Combo for $154 pesos gets you the following:

  • Tostadas with pico de gallo
  • A cup of shrimp soup
  • A smoked marlin tostada
  • 3 kinds of shrimp, breaded, “a la diabla,” and “a la mantequilla”
  • A green salad
  • Fried banana with Lechera for dessert
  • Kahlua on ice to finish the meal
Smoked Marlin and Carrot Tostada at Mauricio's
Smoked Marlin Tostada with Carrots

Smoked marlin tostadas get the meal started.

Salsas and Tostadas at Mauricio's
The Salsa Selection

Endless tostadas and salsa of every kind to go with them.

Pico de Gallo at Mauricio's
Fresh Pico de Gallo

You get fresh pico de gallo to go with the tostadas too.

Shrimp Soup at Mauricio's
Spicy Shrimp Soup

A cup of spicy shrimp soup is another one of the starters.

Fried Banana with Lechera at Mauricio's
Fried Banana with Lechera

And to finish your meal they give you a fried banana drizzled with Lechera,  sweetened condensed milk.

If you like shrimp, be sure to give Mauricio’s Puerto Vallarta a try. It’s a great value and you won’t leave hungry.

Another favorite in Vallarta is El Colegita which has a couple of locations, one in Marina Vallarta and one on the highway to Nuevo Vallarta.

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  • Robert Mills

    have visited many times over the years. will be back in june 2018. do you still have your t-shirts. please let me know. see you then

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