Fish Market – Puerto Vallarta

Mercado del Mar

One of the best parts about visiting Puerto Vallarta is the abundance of fresh locally caught fish and seafood available year-round. When you are in town, be sure to visit the Mercado del Mar our favorite Puerto Vallarta fish market. It’s located in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood.

Puerto Vallarta Fish Market
Puerto Vallarta Fish Market – Mercado del Mar

Our favorite fish vendor is the Pescadería Plazola which has been in operation since 1966. Have them choose a variety of fish for you that you have never tried. They are a great source of information on how to choose fish and how to prepare it. 

There are many excellent seasonal varieties that are less well known. On our last visit, we asked them to recommend a mild whitefish for people who aren’t bigs fans of eating fish. They told us to try the lengua fillets which were delicate and mild.

Fresh Fish at the Puerto Vallarta Fish Market
Fresh Fish on Ice

You can buy your fish whole or have them fillet it for you.

Squid at the Puerto Vallarta Fish Market
Fresh Squid
Fresh Shrimp at the Puerto Vallarta Fish Market
Fresh Shrimp on Ice

Shrimp is one of the few things that doesn’t come from the Puerto Vallarta area. It comes from Mazatlan, an internationally known shrimp producing region to the north.

When you buy shrimp you can ask them to peel it for you. A kilo of shrimp takes us about 20 minutes to peel and they do in two minutes. Save the shells to use to make shrimp broth.

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  • graycfo

    HI! My wife and I are in PV right now and they have torn the Mercado down, I ask ed and they say the construction on the same site is a replacement market, I surely hope so, just caddy corner are two more markets with great fish the one with the blue tile is owned by a great guy!! Enjoy!!

  • Betsy

    March 1 2017

    I have just come from this market. Wonderful selection of seafood. Not sure why you thought it was torn down but this is not new construction and Pescaderia Plazola is going strong. The market does close at 3 PM and it is easy to walk by during closed hours and miss it entirely.

  • Bruce Brooker

    Mercadoo Plazola is a great place to buy fresh seafood. There is also a vegetable maket and several restaraunts in the complex. Just a short walk from The Stadium. Very helpful staff…much good humour and lighthearted friendliness. Interaction with all the people there is always fun. Visit just a couple times and you will feel at home. They remember you and always say hello. Go there and be welcome. This market is right across the street from the cemetary…Panteon Cinco Deiembre.

  • Rosario solis

    I’m looking for a sea food market mainly lobsters wholesale and shrimp too. In Puerto vallarta .. you help me find one?

  • Matt

    My wife and I winter in La Cruz and want to take advantage of the amazing fish market here. Although we are learning Spanish the lingo at the market seems more cultural than literal…if you know what I mean. How would you ask to peel the shrimp or filet the fish in fish market Spanish?

    • These short phrases will help plus friendly smile and saying “por favor” go a long way.
      Shrimp.. “pelados por favor” which means peeled please
      Fish.. “fileteado por favor” which means filleted please.

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