Frijoles Refritos Making homemade refried beans is easier than you might think and they are far superior in flavor and texture to canned refried beans. Refried beans are the perfect side dish for any Mexican meal. What to Expect from this Recipe Think of this recipe as the starting point. We show you how to [...]

“Beans in a Pot” Frijoles de la Olla, which translates as “beans in a pot“, is probably the most common dish in Mexico. Beans along with corn and chiles are the foundation of Mexican cooking. Every family has a pot of beans on the stove or in the refrigerator at all times and almost every [...]

Spicy Chick Peas This side dish made with garbanzo beans, carrots and onion takes just over 20 minutes to prepare if you already have the guajillo chile salsa prepared. Garbanzos and guajillo chiles are a great combination, packed with flavor but not too spicy. It is delicious served hot or cold.   Equipment Needed Cutting board Knife [...]

Cooking Beans – It’s Easier than You Think Beans are one of the three core ingredients in Mexican cuisine and of the first cultivated crops in Mexico. Corn and chiles are the other two. Mexican food varies widely by region but beans are a constant. You want to get the beans right when you are cooking [...]