Fish & Seafood

Croquetas de Atún Enjoy our recipe for Mexican style tuna patties, croquetas de atun. They are prepared with chopped onion and cilantro and you can add some serrano pepper if you want them spicy. We like to serve them topped with our cilantro lime dressing. Other great options are our fish taco sauce or chipotle [...]

Ceviche de Camarón Estilo Acapulco If our photographer Andrés invites you to his house and serves you ceviche, this is what you’ll eat, an Acapulco style shrimp ceviche prepared with whole shrimp, lime juice, orange juice, and avocado. Ceviche is one of the most loved seafood dishes in Mexico and this is one of the [...]

Tacos de Camarones al Mojo de Ajo These garlic shrimp tacos are a mashup of flavors which work really well together. Garlicky shrimp served on a bed of tangy vinegar slaw topped with a sharp arból chile salsa seasoned with a touch of Mexican oregano. Great Tacos Deserve a Great Salsa A nice sharp tomato and [...]

Tacos de Pescado con Pico de Gallo Enjoy these easy pan-fried fish tacos with pico de gallo salsa. They are similar to Baja style fish tacos except the fish is lightly floured and pan-fried instead of battered and deep-fried and the taste of the fish is more delicate. Gather Your Ingredients You will need 1 1/4 [...]

Pescado a la Veracruzana Delicious, beautiful, healthy, and easy to prepare, this white fish  “a la Veracruzana” covers all the bases. Any dish that is served ” a la Veracruzana,”  which means Veracruz style, is served with a mild tomato sauce prepared with olives and capers. This is one of the few sauces served in Mexico that [...]

Arroz al Curry con Camarones Are you interested in a fancy looking and fancy tasting dish without hours of fancy prep work? This Mexican curried rice and shrimp dish is what you are looking for.  Big flavor, great presentation, and easy enough for a weeknight meal. It will become one of your favorite go-to meals [...]

Sandwich de Pescado Frito Our Photographer Andrés used to have a cafe in the Bay Area and this fried fish sandwich was the biggest seller. It isn’t a traditional Mexican recipe but the chipotle mayonnaise gives it some Mexican flavor. We wanted to share it with you because it is an outstanding sandwich. If you [...]