Fajitas de Pollo Looking for a family-friendly chicken dish that you can have on the table quickly? Chicken fajitas are the answer. Follow a few easy steps and you will have prepared a restaurant-quality meal in about 30 minutes. Fun Fact Did you know that the direct translation of fajitas is “little strips”? The name [...]

Pollo Entomatado Tomatillo chicken, called pollo entomadado, is prepared with skinless chicken thighs and legs, and white potatoes simmered with tangy tomatillos and chipotle chile in adobo sauce. Chicken doesn’t have to be dull. This dish has layers of flavor. The chicken is lightly browned, and the tomatillos sauteed then all the ingredients are simmered [...]

Tacos de Pollo con Salsa de Aguacate Like you, we love tacos and we love easy. Our pan cooked chicken tacos recipe is both. We top lime marinated chicken with creamy avocado salsa and serve it on fresh corn tortillas for authentic flavor. We’ll show you how to make it. How to Make The seasoning [...]

A Quick and Easy Breakfast Chilaquiles is an all-time favorite Mexican breakfast dish. It’s a mixture of corn tortilla chips and shredded chicken bathed in green salsa and topped with salty ranchero cheese, Mexican cream, and thinly sliced red onion. A few simple ingredients come together to make an authentic and very satisfying dish. I [...]

Fajitas de Pollo en Adobo A little sweet, a little smoky and with just a hint of spice. Our flavor-packed authentic chicken fajitas prepared with a guajillo chile adobo rub is the perfect dish for a weekend crowd. Three colors of bell peppers give it some visual pop. Stuff some flour tortillas for the best chicken fajitas [...]

Tostadas de Pollo Tostadas are crunchy tortillas like hard taco shells but flat. Tostadas also refer to a prepared dish in which the crunchy tostadas are topped with refried beans, shredded chicken, shredded iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced white onion, Mexican cream, crumbly cheese, and your favorite salsa. We prepared these with our homemade salsa roja. [...]

Taquitos, Tacos Dorados or Flautas? Chicken taquitos, tacos dorados de pollo, or chicken flautas? Whatever you call them, they are delicious. Growing up in California, I knew this dish as taquitos which means “little tacos.” Homestyle Chicken Taquitos with an Avocado Salsa and Queso Fresco In Northern Mexico, they are called flautas which mean s [...]

A Great Taco Filling or Tostada Topping Chicken Tinga, a classic shredded chicken taco or tostada filling prepared with sliced onions and a tomato chipotle sauce is a full-flavored crowd pleaser. It has a smoky flavor with just enough heat from the chipotle. Tinga is served throughout Mexico. There is also a beef version. This [...]