Té de Cedrón If you enjoy herbal teas, you will really enjoy this fragrant lemon verbena tea – té de cedrón – which can be enjoyed hot or over ice. In Mexico, people drink it as a sleep aid and to help reduce indigestion but we drink it because it has a bright delicious lemony [...]

Agua de Pepino con Hierbabuena Cucumber, lime, and spearmint is a really refreshing combination for an agua fresca. At the university where I work, they make a different agua every day in the cafeteria. This is one of my favorites. The funny thing is, I don’t really care for cucumber but I love this drink. [...]

Agua de Sandia Enjoy this watermelon agua fresca anytime you want a cool refreshing drink. Agua fresca translates as “fresh Water.” In Spanish this drink would be called agua de sandia, or you guessed it, “watermelon water.” Any time you see a drink is called “agua de…” it is a type of agua fresca. “Agua de [...]

Agua de Tamarindo If you are looking for a refreshing natural Mexican drink try tamarind water, one of the many aguas frescas enjoyed in Mexico. Our version is tart, a little sour and a little sweet. Tamarind is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a healthy substitute for soda with your meals. How to Make [...]

Chocolate Caliente Mexicano When the weather gets chilly, there is no better drink to warm you up than traditional Mexican hot chocolate frothed by hand with a wooden molinillo. It’s sooo… good! Choosing Chocolate The best chocolate comes from the state of Oaxaca which is what we used for this recipe. The city of Zacatecas produces a very good [...]

Hibiscus Iced Tea Agua de Jamaica which translates as “hibiscus water” is a typical agua fresca to accompany the mid-day meal in Mexico. It is sweet, tart, delicious and really refreshing all at the same time. You prepare it by steeping hibiscus flowers, called flor de jamaica to produce a concentrate that you dilute with water and sweeten [...]

Refreshing Guava Drink Any drink made with fresh fruit and blended with water is known as an agua fresca or agua de fruta in Mexico. The literal translation of agua fresca is “fresh water” and the translation of agua de fruta is “fruit water.” The name of this drink is agua de guayaba which translates as “guava [...]